How Long Do Brake Pads Last?

Mechanic Inspecting Brake Pads and Rotors
Your vehicle’s brake pads are responsible for bringing you to a complete stop on the Sparta roads and are therefore one of the most important components of your vehicle. Over time, your brake pads will need to be replaced, but how long should brake pads last? Learn how long you can expect your Kia brake pads to last with the service team had Morrie's West Salem Kia. Then, visit our service center and have your Kia brakes serviced right away.

Factors That Lead to Brake Pad Wear

Your Kia brake pads are the pieces of your Kia vehicle’s braking system that makes direct contact with the brake rotors. This direct contact with the brake rotors causes friction, which slows your vehicle down on the Onalaska roads. Friction creates heat, which leads to your brake pads wearing down over time with more use. When they wear down too much and become too thin, you’ll need to have them replaced.

Besides general use, there are other factors that can affect how long brake pads should last. Driving factors that can lead to the wearing down of your Kia brakes include:

  • Driving/braking habits
  • Type of brake pad
  • Manual vs. automatic transmission
  • Local driving environment
  • Condition of other brake components

How Long Should Brake Pads Last?

How long do brake pads last? Most Kia brake pads can last anywhere between 20,000 miles to 75,000 miles. However, the specific number of how long your Kia brakes will last will depend on what kind of Kia vehicle you drive as well as your specific driving habits around La Crosse. Schedule a visit to our service center or reach out to anyone in our service team to get an idea of how long your Kia brakes should last and keep up with your Kia recommended service schedule. You can also consult your owner’s manual to get a more specific number of how long you should expect your Kia brakes to last.

How Long Do Ceramic Brake Pads Last?

Ceramic brake pads are made out of a more resilient material and are usually found on luxury vehicles and high-performance cars. How long do ceramic brake pads last? Since they’re more durable than standard brake pads, ceramic brake pads can usually last up to 75,000 miles on average. Again, this number will vary depending on what kind of vehicle you drive and your driving habits.

For more service and parts information, visit our website at Morrie's West Salem Kia.

Service Your Kia Brake Pads in West Salem

Now that you know how long brake pads should last, you hopefully have a better idea of when you’ll need to get your brake pads replaced. If your Kia brakes are due for a replacement or any other kind of service, schedule a visit to our service center in West Salem. We’ll take a look at whatever you need, even if you don’t drive a Kia vehicle.


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